"At the age of 14 I had a brain haemorrhage  which resulted in the loss of my drawing right hand. I never regained the use of my right side but relearned my natural artistic talent through my left hand. Since then I have been drawing, creating and painting my reflections on the world."

 Billy Weston Speaking in 2009

Born in 1963 (Camberwell,London) Billy Weston has been developing his unique style of art since his childhood. 
A brain haemorrhage as a teenager devastated Billy, resulting in a long journey to rebuild his life after the loss of use in his right side and dependency on re-learning through his left side. Billy has since been through a journey through life living in South-East London and making art. 
In the past Billy has volunteered and participated with the Bromley-By-Bow centre, Cooltan Arts, Outside In, Southwark Resource centre and the Urban Art fair.
From years of practice, Billy is now able to use his talents to express himself at a masterful level, without much planning and work in a fluid way. His drawings and paintings are often cerebral and come directly from his subconscious.Billy is influenced by the artwork of Robert Crumb, HR Geiger and low-brow comics and alternative culture. 
He is currently working on his ceramics at a ceramics studio in central London, painting at home, and drawing wherever and whenever he can – usually at a cafe. You might see him in the West-End of London drawing in one of the capital’s many cafes.  

Billy is assisted by fellow alternative artist Sara Burgess. 


1989-1992 BA Fine Art/Camberwell College of Art

Upcoming Exhibitions

None planned, so far .... 

Solo Exhibitions

2007 'The Fly in the Ointment' 

Group Exhibitions   

2017 'Grotesques and Cherubs' Nunhead Cemetery/London

  • Open House Weekend 16th & 17th September 2017
  • Nunhead Arts Trail 23rd & 24th September 2017 Link

2016/2017 Tight Modern/UK Touring exhibition, Link

2016 URBAN Art Fair/London

2016 'Wallpaper'/The Affordable Art Fair/Cooltan Arts Link

2015 'Misbehaviour'/Art Catcher/The Art Pavilion Link

2014 'The Inner Self: Drawings from the Subconscious/CGP London/Outside In Link

2014 'The Art of Lines'/Inspire at St.Peter's Church

2013  IMPACT Art Fair/Outside In Link
2013 'MADE' Ceramics/Morley Gallery

2013 URBAN Art Fair/London

2012 BEAM Artist Group show,Southwark Resource Centre

2012 'The Ragshow Edition' Cooltan Arts/Morley Gallery 

2012 'Boundless Arts Festival'/Peckham Link

2011 World Mental Health Day/Cooltan Arts/The Guardian Online Link

2010 'Road to Recovery/Cooltan Arts/Carnegie Library

2010 'Celebrate Mad Heritage'/Cooltan Arts/Oh! Gallery - Oxford House

2009-2012 Cooltan Arts - Various 

2009 'Carry on Capital'/Vincent Van Scoff Gallery Link

2008 'Signs of Life' project/Bromley By Bow Centre

2005 'Our Place', Bromley By Bow Centre

And many more unremembered...

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